Annoying Message

I got an annoying message today. He said, “Kebanyakan tukang SEO dibaca doang ngga direply, kata-katanya di web selembut salju.” I don’t know him, and I’m … [VERSI LENGKAP]

Me And My Family

Assalamu’alaikum.. Hi, hello, this post is part of my way to improve my english, especially in writing. I have study english in Pare before. So through … [VERSI LENGKAP]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO

I’m a guy who has spent more than 7 years in SEO community. There are always an SEO in my entire life, when I work, meet … [VERSI LENGKAP]

Selling A Domain

Me and my students are hunting treasure called aged domain. This is one of strategy to rank any keywords. You can read more about that on … [VERSI LENGKAP]

Got A Problem With My Paypal Account

A several weeks ago, I do some transaction using my Paypal account. A pretty huge transaction. In just few hours there is an email from Paypal … [VERSI LENGKAP]