Got A Problem With My Paypal Account

A several weeks ago, I do some transaction using my Paypal account. A pretty huge transaction. In just few hours there is an email from Paypal that said; your account is limited.

They said it was a standard operational procedure to protect my account from suspicious activity. And I think that is good.

But there is consequences for me. They ask me to proof my identity and my address using some legal documents. I fullfill all their requests.

While I write this post, I wait their answer. I hope it will be a positif answer.

UPDATE: Several days later, my Paypal account has been restored, alhamdulillah. It’s easy to appeal.

  1. Upload my ID; Kartu Tanda Penduduk.
  2. Login to my KlikBCA account.
  3. Print the bank statement (it’s called rekening koran), you can Google how to do it.
  4. Take photo of printed bank statement.
  5. Upload to Paypal.
  6. And done.

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