Selling A Domain

Me and my students are hunting treasure called aged domain. This is one of strategy to rank any keywords. You can read more about that on my business section.

We got one active domain in auction. The domain and the site is still active (when you type it on browser, the site is show up normally).

We thought that the owner is forgot to renew the domain. I ask my student to analyze more.

In several hours, we decide to buy the domain for $250. We are very confident that they will buy back this domain. In our analyze we know that the site is generating money in their business.

I’m not sure we are gambling or not, but we are in a good position. The domain’s profile is very good, have so many high quality links (it’s good if we are use it for our business to rank keyword). We are nothing to lose when the owner is not contact us to talk about back-order (buyback).

A few days later, there is an email from the one we already know; the domain owner.

We are in negotiated until agreed to sell it at the price of $1.000.

This is not a deal that we can do it every time, but I’m glad that we make a pretty huge profit in a short time.

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